Friday, March 17, 2006

Design a bag VS design a brand

I just had my ID2 class yesterday (which was about 4 hours ago) and we had this interesting conversation about Timbuk2 and how their products are not supporting what their brand was all about. For the next two hours we talked about the brand, how it did not stick to the original bike-messenger image (Timbuk2 started out making messenger bags for bike messengers and I think this is a really strong and interesting brand history that they should stick to) and goes off to making every other bags possible to make more profit.

Defining what a brand was, was tough, especially when the client (Timbuk2 guys) themselves do not really know what they really are. But knowing what a brand is all about is a really crucial first step, I would say. This reminds me of Yves Behar's philosophy about products being the true agents of a brand experience. Before I had this conversation, all I wanted to design was a bag I like and somehow have it 'Timkt2'-ed. Now I think more of designing a bag that would help streghten Timbuk2's brand image. This class was definitely an eye-opening experience for me.


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