Monday, January 30, 2006

Stanford D. School and CCA

I found this picture while doing research on the internet for one of my projects. I love reading blogs, especially those that talk about new gadgets, inventions and stuff.. By the way, do you guys know that you can go to to look up blogs? Anyway, I forgot to bookmark where I got this from. He wrote that some “secret informant” guy gave him this. I hope he won’t be in trouble when one of the Stanford guys found out about that his napkin was stolen and now is up on the internet. I hope he won’t find out about me posting his napkin on the internet, too..!

Anyway, if we compare it to the school system here in CCA (Cali. College of The Arts), I kind of think that our school was pretty much run by the same standard. In Industrial Design program, we get outside companies to sponsor our projects and stuff. What I haven’t seen in school is a project that involves multidisciplinary collaboration, where students and faculty from different disciplines work as a team on a project that would be realized. If they have a project like that in our school, that would be really awesome..!! Maybe we could go build another campus building or something. =D